Vermont Spirits distills a variety of agricultural-based fine craft spirits. Originally known for our maple and whey-based vodkas, we have made steady strides over the years, expanding our product line and distribution, and working to create a rewarding work place for our growing number of employees.

Since our doors first opened, our approach to distilling has remained unchanged. Every stage in our production process is designed AND engineered in-house and hand-built, frequently employing simple gravity to transfer the evolving spirits between stages of production. We use no additives or preservatives. Our Distiller monitors each batch from start to finish, before he deems the product is ready for bottling and shipment to our growing network of wholesalers.

As importantly, our base ingredients come from Vermont agriculture. We do this in an effort to give back to the state, which supported our company’s growth and because the local agriculture is truly exceptional!

We employ a variety of custom stills to create our line of spirits. We typically begin with our stripping still, which is large stainless box with a series of protruding condensers, making it look like something from a Dr. Suess book. Next, we either go to our one-of-a-kind 150-gallon copper pot still, or one of our two glass fractionating columns, ordinarily used in industrial continuous flow stills, to complete our batch-distilling process. A fractionating column distillation is the most accurate way to isolate and separate impurities, leaving the most flavorful and smoothest alcohol from the "heart of the run".

All of our vodkas are triple-distilled using only local spring water and receiving a very light charcoal filtration at the end of each cycle. Only the techniques of artisan distilling, constant vigilance and highly accurate, laboratory-quality stills would allow the fermentation of the unique characteristics of maple to come through. By combining this technology with the artisan techniques of batch distillation, we are able take the purification to a new level. The result is a smoother, distinctly American-style vodka.

Our newest releases each begin much the same way, from the Vermont-grown juniper berries we hand-pick to the freshly milled corn we buy the day before we begin our mash to the wonderful apples which go into our Crimson Vodka and line of aged and un-aged eau-de-vie and Brandy.

"Our goal is to produce spirits with flavor and true character… not flavored spirits, and we distill each batch with the spirits connoisseur and lover of fine food in mind."

Harry Gorman & Joe Buswell Distillers – Vermont Spirits