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No 14 Bourbon

Alc. 45% by Vol. (90 Proof)

Handcrafted, Small Batch & Locally Sourced in Vermont
Award-Winning Distinctly American
Exceptionally Smooth Bourbon
A Versatile Drink-With-Dinner Bourbon

No 14 Bourbon unites two American classics – bourbon whiskey and a light touch of pure Vermont maple. The result is a rich, classic bourbon with a wonderfully smooth and long lasting finish.

Handcrafted Small Batch & Locally Sourced

Named in honor of Vermont, the 14th state, No 14 Bourbon unites two American Classics … bourbon whiskey & pure Vermont maple. The strength of the bourbon is softened by the lightest touch of maple, which broadens its appeal to a variety of palates. The result is a wonderfully smooth spirit with a warm and lasting finish. On its own or in a cocktail, the combination results in a high quality, distinctly American craft spirit.

Distiller’s Note

Double barreled in American Oak, finely blended and aged. Remaining true to the artisan craft, we perform the process using the five senses and a desire to “make something beautiful rather than to just make something.” No 14 is finished with the lightest touch of pure Vermont maple. The maple is used sparingly, only to suggest an aroma and create a smooth finish unmatched by any other craft bourbon. The result is an exceptionally American yet distinctly high quality tasting experience. Alc. 45% by Vol. (90 Proof)

Tasting Notes

Semi-sweet aromas of maple. Rich but light on the nose. Smooth.

Rich amber color, and rich semi-sweet aromas of maple that are light on the nose. Light bodied, silky whiskey that’s well-balanced with notes of cherry vanilla on the mid-palate and touches of caramel, cloves, and honeyed, oaky spice. A last touch of pure Vermont maple lends to a soft and elegant finish. Drink neat or with a single cube of ice. Upgrade your favorite cocktail. Try “The No 14 Manhattan,” for the best Manhattan ever.

Drink Concepts

Drink neat or with a single cube. Elevate your cocktail experience with the No 14 Old Fashioned.

No 14 Bourbon pairs very well with what’s on the menu. It’s a “drink-with-dinner” bourbon with appeal to a variety of palates. It serves well as a classic after-dinner bourbon, softened by the sweetness of maple and incredibly smooth.


Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirit Competition
Wine Enthusiast 92 points, Exceptional
Bartender Spirits Awards, Silver Medal

bottle of vermont gold vodka

Vermont Gold Vodka

Alc. 40% by Vol. (80 Proof)

100% Forest To Bottle
Award-Winning Small Batch Vodka
Distilled From Only Pure Vermont Maple
Gluten-Free & Grain-Free

Vermont Gold Vodka is the spirit of Vermont in its simplicity of ingredients and its commitment to distinctive craftsmanship. The result? A vodka so clear & smooth, it literally sparkles.

Two Ingredients, One Ingenius Distillation Process

Our award-winning small batch vodka is handmade from nature’s most eco-friendly ingredient: pure maple sap. Over 20 years ago, we set out to make a spirit so pure it could be 100% locally sourced. Celebrating the abundance of Vermont’s natural resources, we began distilling and blending maple with the same pure water that rushes through the great Quechee Gorge. Twenty-three years later we’ve refined our process but we remain true to the craft and responsible for our land. Our maple is sourced from a local family maple farm, and we concentrate then skillfully ferment the sap to preserve its unique characteristics. The maple wash is distilled in our one-of-a-kind glass fractionating column still and finally blended with pure Vermont water. The result is an exceptionally clean American vodka with notes of maple and white pepper, and a bright, clean finish. Vermont Gold Vodka is 100% Forest To Bottle.

Distiller’s Note

For love of the land. Our origins began more than 20 years ago. While on a journey abroad, we noticed people who lived in balance with the land, taking and giving and making beautiful things. When we returned to Vermont, we were inspired to celebrate our land too. With an abundance of natural resources, we came up with the idea to distill the alcohol of fermented maple. Over the years our processes have become more sophisticated but we continue to honor the craft and make our vodka by hand. The art of distillation is in the cut between wanted and unwanted compounds. Vermont Gold Vodka, with it’s recognizable flavor profile, makes the cuts challenging. But we are proud to have developed methods that bring consistency to our product without compromising quality. Alc. 40% by Vol. (80 Proof)

Tasting Notes

Aromas of maple and caramel. Rich, sweet and lingering. Exceptionally clean.

Crystal clear in color and instantly recognizable. Notes of white pepper and toasted wood on the tongue, with aromas of maple sweetness and caramel. The taste is light and teasing, with the richness of lingering butterscotch balanced by the bite of alcohol. A bright, clean, and delicate maple sugar finish. Entirely gluten-free and grain-free; there is no other vodka like it.

Drink Concepts

Drink neat or with a single cube. Upgrade your cocktail experience with the Vermontini.

Vermont Gold Vodka is so clean it literally sparkles. It’s the perfect craft spirit for any season or occasion. Chilled with a twist, or a splash of soda or tonic. Think “engineered elegance” and high quality through and through, Vermont Gold Vodka elevates your favorite cocktail.


Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirit Competition
Rolling Stone “Hot Hooch”
2021 Bartender Spirits Awards, Gold; 93 points
2014 International Review of Spirits, Gold; 90 points “exceptional”
Best American Vodka – 2004 Moscow International Spirits
2022 Wine Enthusiast; 92 points