Coppers Gin

Coppers Gin is unique, yet recognizable, and curated around hand-picked wild northern Vermont juniper berries. Coppers American Gin, with its seven botanicals and light body, is a contemporary gin for the sophisticated drinker. Coppers Barrel Gin, being double barrel-aged in our used bourbon barrels, is an exotic gin for the non-gin drinker. Coppers Sugarwood Gin, with its maple syrup finish, is gin with a Vermont twist.

Coppers American Gin

Coppers American Gin™ is distilled with wild juniper berries, hand-picked in northern Vermont. The coriander and licorice root build on this base, with orange peel and cardamom pods rounding out the body to form a unique, American-style Gin. The idea was to distill a spirit which would be recognizable to gin lovers and made with local botanicals using our own small-batch production techniques. The result is an incredibly flavorful traditional gin, deserving of minimal alteration.

Tasting Notes

85 proof clear gin that is warm and pleasantly spiced. Fragrant herbal aroma, rich in spicy citrus and juniper and a heavy hit of cardamom. On the palate the spice continues with notes of ground black pepper and orange peel on the mid-palate. A juniper-led, medium length finish. 85 proof


Neat or with a single cube

Upgrade any traditional gin cocktail (only the highest quality tonic, if you must.)


Double Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirit Competition
2017 Bartender Spirits Awards, Gold 94 points

Coppers Sugarwood Gin

Copper Sugarwood Gin is an original Vermont expression of this classic spirit. Our Master Distiller’s favorite, he uses hand-picked local juniper berries, orange peel and green tea in the distillation, then blends in a light touch of golden maple syrup for a smooth, lasting finish. 90 proof

Tasting Notes

Crystal clear color. Inviting and complex notes of earl gray aromas, orange, and juniper on the nose. Orange peel and woody juniper pop on the palate with a touch of maple sweetness up front. Full, silky, and semisweet body that balances citrus-like acidity against the sweet maple finish. Warm aftertaste with honeyed pine and maple.


Neat, Single Cube
Upgrade any traditional bourbon cocktail
Signature cocktail: Coppers Naturally


2021 Bartenders Spirits Awards, Gold; 92 points

Coppers Barrel Gin

Our Coppers American Gin™ is transformed by time in our used bourbon barrels to create one of the most distinctive, yet versatile, spirits available anywhere. The years of barrel aging in the Vermont climate mellows this gin to create a whiskey-like spirit with only a slight nose of juniper, mid-palate warmth and an unexpectedly smooth finish, while the double barreling imparts an inviting amber color and rich wood flavors. Equally delightful served over ice or to create new expressions of a classic gin, whiskey, or reposado cocktail. This is truly a gin for whiskey lovers. 85 proof

Tasting Notes

Copper color aged gin at 85 proof. Dry wood atoms hit the nose first, followed by hints of cinnamon and vanilla. The barrel flavor carries through the mid-palate, with notes of cardamom and coriander early on. A vibrant, medium body with a compelling juniper and menthol mint finish and light aftertaste.


Neat, Single Cube
Upgrade any traditional gin or bourbon cocktail
Signature cocktail: Coppers Barrel Old Fashioned


Double Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirit Competition
2017 Int’l Review of Spirits, Silver 86 points “highly recommend”
2021 Bartender Spirits Awards, Gold; 90 points

Drink Concepts

Coppers American Gin & Tonic

• 1 part Coppers American Gin
• 2 part Highest Quality Tonic You Can Get
• Seasonal Garnish, Lime Or Lemon
Fill a highball with ice and add Coppers American Gin. Add tonic water. Stir, don’t shake.

Garnish with lime or lemon wheel. Try a seasonal garnish such as mint or cucumber. Or substitute tonic with a splash of sparkling maple.

Coppers Naturally

2 parts Coppers Gin (any variety)

  • Drink Simple sparkling maple water
  • Cucumber
  • Lemon

Mix to taste, garnish with mint.

Coppers Barrel Old Fashioned

• 2 part Coppers Barrel Gin
• 1 Sugar Cube
• 2 Dashes Angostura Bitters
• 4 Small Or 1 Large Ice Cube
• 1 Orange Peel Twist

Muddle the sugar cube and bitters with one bar spoon of water at the bottom of a chilled rocks glass. Add Coppers Barrel Gin. Stir.
Add one large ice cube or four small cubes. Stir until chilled and properly diluted, about 30 seconds. Garnish with an orange peel twist.
*Try this with No 14 Bourbon!


Coppers Barrel Manhattan

• 2 part Coppers Barrel Gin
• 1 part Sweet Vermouth
• 5 Dashes Angostura Bitters

Add all of the ingredients to a mixing glass and fill with ice. Stir well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a Luxardo cherry.
*Try this with No 14 Bourbon!




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