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Vermont Gold Vodka

This award-winning small batch vodka is handmade from nature’s most eco-friendly ingredient – the sap of maple trees. Maple trees need only rain, soil and temperature changes for sap to flow, the tree is tapped and the sap captured. The sap is then concentrated and skillfully fermented to preserve the unique characteristics of its sugars. The maple “mash” is fermented then distilled in our one-of-a-kind glass column still and finally blended with pure Vermont distilled water to produce this exceptionally clean American Vodka. Vermont Gold® Vodka – The Spirit of Vermont! 80 proof

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100% Forest to Bottle

Tasting Notes

Crystal clear in color and instantly recognizable. Notes of white pepper and toasted wood on the tongue, with aromas of maple sweetness and caramel. Taste is light and teasing, with the richness of lingering butterscotch balanced by the bite of alcohol. A bright, clean, and delicate maple sugar finish. Entirely gluten and grain free- there is no other vodka like it.

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• Neat or with a single cube
The Vermontini
• Chilled with a twist
• Simply soda or tonic


• 2021 Bartender Spirits Awards, Silver Medal
• Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirit Competition Rolling Stone “Hot Hooch”
• 2021 Bartender Spirits Awards, Gold; 93 points
• 2014 International Review of Spirits, Gold; 90 points “exceptional” Best American Vodka — 2004 
• Moscow International Spirits

What we say…

Think The Great Gatsby, but in a more sensible way, where luxury isn’t so… over done. Better yet, think a roadster – high quality through and through but no need to brag. This spirit prefers purity over vanity – in a Nick Carraway sort of way. Enjoy it trailside, beach side, or at the club.

Check out all our recipes. We have concoctions for the minimalist, the mixologist and personal rec’s by our staff. But before you go, try it neat. (We really think you’ll like it.)

Enjoy responsibly, it makes our world a better place. 


(We mean it.)

The Vermontini

Easy on the vermouth.

The Ernest Man

Just a splash of grapefruit.

The Firecracker

It will have you crack’n’ all night.

How to Buy Vermont Gold Vodka

It’s no secret. Everything you need to know is right here.

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