No 14 Bourbon

Vermont in a Bottle

Craft Bourbon. Small Batch. Handmade By Vermont’s Oldest Craft Distillery.

Named in honor of Vermont, the 14th state, No 14 Bourbon unites two American Classics … bourbon whiskey & pure Vermont maple. The strength of the bourbon is softened by a hint of sweetness, which broadens its appeal to a variety of palates. The result is a wonderfully smooth spirit with a warm and lasting finish. On its own or in a cocktail, No 14 Bourbon is a wonderfully smooth and distinctly American spirit. Drink neat or with a single cube. Elevate your cocktail experience with the No 14 Old Fashioned. Drink neat or with a single cube. Elevate your cocktail experience with the No 14 Old Fashioned. 90 proof

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Tasting Notes

Rich amber color, and a pleasant semi-sweetness on the nose lead to a light-bodied and silky whiskey, well-balanced with notes of cherry vanilla. Touches of honeyed oaky spice and clove on the mid-palate result in a soft and elegant finish, inviting another taste.

Drink Concepts

Neat or with a single cube
No 14 Manhattan
No 14 Old Fashioned
Whiskey Sour


Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirit Competition
2014 Wine Enthusiast, 92 points “exceptional”
2021 Bartender Spirits Awards, Silver

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Drink Concepts

Neat or With a Single Cube

No 14 Manhattan

As Featured at the Simon Pearce Restaurant

• 2 part No 14 Bourbon
• 1 part Sweet Vermouth
• 5 Dashes Angostura Bitters

Add all of the ingredients to a mixing glass and fill with ice. Stir well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a Luxardo cherry.

*Try this with Coppers Barrel Gin!

Vermont Ginger

• 1 part No 14 Bourbon
• ½ part Domaine de Canton Liqueur
• 1 tsp Agave Nectar
• ½ part Fresh Lemon Juice
• Handful of Rosemary Leaves

In the bottom of a mixing glass muddle the rosemary with the lemon and agave. Add remaining ingredients with ice and shake well. Strain over new ice into a rocks glass. Garnish with candied ginger and a rosemary sprig.

Maple Magic 14

  • 1 part No 14 Bourbon
  • 2 parts Abracadabra Cold Brew Coffee
  • Jeb’s Vermont Maple Sugar to taste

Add 2-3 ice cubes in a rocks glass. Add Jed’s Vermont Maple Sugar to taste. Gently muddle. Fill a shaker with ice. Add cold brew coffee and No 14 Bourbon to shaker. Shake and strain over ice and sugar in rocks glass.

*Make it a dessert cocktail with a touch of creme, a dash of cinnamon. Garnish with a few whole coffee beans or a dusting of coffee grinds.

No 14 Bourbon Reviews

“A bridge between straight-up whiskey and liqueur…”
~ Wine Mag

“Approachable and not too sweet…I’m going back next weekend and will grab a few more.”
~ SW

“The local ‘spirits’ moved us to distillate emotions of which we chose to indulge. Came away with a bounty of bourbon (very smooth), a bottle of vodka (silky serene), and a spin with gin (of which we have yet to uncork). Do love the corked bottles. Nice touch! Nice to buy right where the brew is distilled.”
~ Tuyen

“…then came the No.14 (named after VT being the 14th state?). I almost passed on tasting it because “I’m not a whiskey person”. Didn’t he change my mind??? Here we are rationing out our shares until another VT trip comes along!”
~ Neha

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