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Coppers American Gin

750mL and 375mL
Alc. 42.5% by Vol. (85 Proof)
  • Award-Winning Contemporary Gin For Gin Lovers
  • Exotic & Spicy For Sophisticated G&T’s
  • Neat With A Lemon Twist Or Upgrade Your Favorite Cocktail
  • Enjoyed Vermontly

A contemporary gin crafted with handpicked wild Vermont juniper berries and a simple blend of botanicals. Named for copper coins issued by the Republic of Vermont during her fourteen years of pure and utter independence.

Wild Vermont Juniper, Masterful Blend Of Botanicals

Coppers American Gin™ is distilled with wild juniper berries, hand-picked in northern Vermont. The coriander and licorice root build on this base, with orange peel and cardamom pods rounding out the body to form a unique, American-style Gin. The idea was to distill a spirit which would be recognizable to gin lovers and made with local botanicals using our own small-batch production techniques. The result is an incredibly flavorful traditional gin, deserving of minimal alteration.

Tasting Notes

85 proof clear gin that is warm and pleasantly spiced. Fragrant herbal aroma, rich in spicy citrus and juniper and a heavy hit of cardamom. On the palate the spice continues with notes of ground black pepper and orange peel on the mid-palate. A juniper-led, medium length finish. 85 proof

Drink Concepts

Neat or with a single cube
Upgrade any traditional gin cocktail (only the highest quality tonic, if you must.) 


Double Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirit Competition
2017 Bartender Spirits Awards, Gold 94 points