Two ladies walked in the other day. They were here for craft cocktails. (We serve ’em up every Tuesday 3pm – 6pm). One of the ladies ordered a No 14 Old Fashioned, then asked her friend what she wanted. The other lady said, “They don’t have what I want.” I said, “How about a martini if I use some maple syrup to sweeten it up?” She said she would give it a try. She ended up having two.



2 part Vermont Gold Vodka
1 part Dry Vermouth
1 whisper Pure Vermont Maple Syrup


Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker. Shake well. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with lemon peel twist.


Vermont Gold Vodka is made with two ingredients (and two only): pure Vermont maple and crystal clear Vermont water. But it’s not a flavored vodka. It’s simply distilled maple mash instead of traditional grain or potato. But the difference is on the palate. Vermont Gold Vodka is incredibly smooth and makes for the perfect martini. The addition of maple syrup gently sweetens the cocktail and brings out the slightest suggestion of vanilla.

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