Vermont is well known for its water resources! From high mountain streams to winding rivers and majestic lakes, our water system sustains us in so many ways!

This month we’re thinking about water and hummingbirds! Every March the United Nations hosts an international water conference. This year’s theme is Be The Change and includes a little hummingbird who does “what she can.”

This year’s theme is

Be The Change shares a wonderful story passed down through generations, by the Quechua people in Peru. The tale goes like this:

One day in the forest, a fire broke out.
All the animals ran for their lives.
They stood at the edge of the blaze, looking at the flames in terror and sadness.
Up above their heads, a hummingbird was flying back and forth to the fire, over and over again.
The bigger animals asked the hummingbird what she was doing.
“I am flying to the lake to get water to help put out the fire.”
The animals laughed at her and said, “You can’t put out this fire!”
The hummingbird replied, “I’m doing what I can.”’

(3/4/2023, Source:

Here in Vermont, we have a number of state and community programs focused on conserving our water sources and protecting our watersheds. At our distillery, we work with university students and take steps to continually improve our own conservation program. We reduce, reuse and recycle in nearly every stage of our distilling processes. On our exterior, we fertilize with organic compounds and we’re helping to build a network of bee pollinator pathways. There’s always more that can be done! Below are some great resources to explore water conservation and what you can do to help.

The Little Hummingbird Animation, by the United Nations Water Council

World Water Day 2023: Be the change

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