Vermont Spirits Distilling Co pledges to donate 14% of all gift card purchases


Purchase a gift card online or at the Meeting House, in Quechee. 14% of sales will go to Vermont’s First Responders, Road Crews and Emergency Response Teams.

Thank you first responders, road crews and emergency response teams!

In 2023, Vermont experienced the worst natural disaster since 1927, due to extreme rainfall and flooding.

Within the first 96 hours, Vermont’s swift water rescue teams had already made more than 100 rescues. Additional teams from Connecticut, Massachusetts and North Carolina also joined the efforts.

Vermont National Guard helicopters provided air assistance in rescue operations and evacuations, along with support from the New Hampshire National Guard. State Troopers have been deployed throughout the state to assist stranded drivers, perform wellness checks and so much more.

Today our road crews are working over time to re-open roads that have been washed out and flooded. Volunteers around the region are working together to support Vermonters and Vermont businesses.

(Email, Bernie Buzz News From Senator Bernie Sanders, 11 July, 2023)

Our Thanks

Thank you first responders, road crews and emergency response personnel. Thank you to all those who have supported and continue to support Vermont communities around the state.

Through August 14, 2023, we will donate 14% of all gift card sales to support the ongoing flood relief efforts in Hartford County and around the state of Vermont. Gift cards can be purchased online (for online purchases) or at the Meeting House in Quechee.

Buy a gift card. Great spirits make great gifts.

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