• 1 part Coppers American Gin
• 2 part Highest Quality Tonic You Can Get
• Seasonal Garnish, Lime Or Lemon

Fill a highball with ice and add Coppers American Gin. Add tonic water. Stir, don’t shake.

Garnish with lime or lemon wheel. Try a seasonal garnish such as mint or cucumber. Or substitute tonic with a splash of sparkling maple.

Because a Gin and Tonic is such a simple cocktail, it is all the more important that you are using high quality gin, since this will be the primary factor in detirmining the flavor profile of your drink. Our Coppers American Gin is our choice for that iconic, classic gin and tonic flavor, and you won’t be dissappointed if your use this gin.

That being said, we also love to expiriment, making G&Ts with our other small batch gins. Both our Coppers Sugarwood Gin and our Coppers Barrel Aged Gin make a wonderful craft gin and tonic!