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This week we kick off Modernism Week in Palm Springs

What do Palm Springs and Modernism have in common?
Answer. No 14 Bourbon, Vermond Gold Vodka & Coppers Gins

Let’s explain.

Palm Springs became a popular rendezvous location during the inter-war period. Hollywood was booming. Jazz, drinks, swimming pools and tennis courts made Palm Springs an attractive playground for actors who were on call to return to Hollywood within a couple hours if needed.

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The post-war period saw an infusion of wealth and new homes designed in the trending style of the time which was modernism. George Smart, founder and CEO of US Modernist, explains it this way:

“Modernism is about the future, it’s optimistic, about tomorrow, about what’s possible… Most people want what’s familiar. [Modernists want what’s possible.]

In the post-war period, America was building new houses. People were trying to be cool. Even if you were 50 in 1949, you wanted to have the right car and the right bar set.”


1955 – The Donald and Marilynn Wexler House, 1272 East Verbena Drive, Palm Springs CA (

Today, and especially during Modernism Week in Palm Spring, we give a nod to those who call themselves modernists. We respect your forward looking perspective and your appreciation for natural simplicity and futuristic possibilities. We salute your desire for quality and things that are simply, really good.

The iconic image of a jazz singer, with a martini, by the piano… fashion and the original Oceans Eleven…

Check out the Kirk Douglas Gold Spritzer – our signature drink for Modernism Week in Palm Springs. Explore the extensive and incredibly comprehensive digital archives at US Modernist. Enjoy a good read, I’ve Made About 90 Feature Films, but These Are the Ones I’m Proudest Of, by Kirk Douglas in 2014, on HuffPost. And get on the list to receive George’s US Modernist weekly newsletter for an interesting (if not fascinating) read every week.

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