Treat Dad With Two Very Vermont Ideas

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Kayaking at Camp Plymouth State Park + No 14 Bourbon On The Rocks

Camp Plymouth State Park is one of the top 5 places to paddle in Vermont. We love this spot because it’s just down the road from our distillery in Quechee. And if you don’t have a boat to paddle? You can rent kayaks at the park!

Start with a complimentary tasting at Vermont Spirits Distilling Co, in Quechee Gorge Village. Have Dad pick out his favorite bottle… or two, or three. Pick up a snack at the Meeting House or one of the shops next door. Enjoy!

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Fishing Quechee Gorge On The Rocks With Lunch & Bourbon On The Rocks

Stop #1: Complimentary tasting at Vermont Spirits Distilling Co.

Let Dad pick out his favorite bourbons, gins and vodka. Don’t forget to grab a couple tumblers and soapstone whiskey stones made local by Vermont Soapstone Co.

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Stop #2: Stop in at the General Store.

Stock up on provisions at the General Store, at Quechee Gorge Village. Dad can choose from snacks and drinks, to ice cream and maple creamies. Plus, you’ll find a lot of other curiosities there.

Stop #3: Walk or drive to Quechee Gorge, just down the road from the distillery.

Take an easy stroll on the trail that leads to the gorge from Vermont Spirits Distilling Co. Or drive the half mile and park at Quechee Gorge State Park. Either way, grab those fishing poles and comfy chairs. Open a bottle. Sit back. Relax. Ahhhh….

Thanks to all our Dad’s out there.

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