With the Boston waterfront as its backdrop, Rowes Wharf Bar is a classy place to get a drink. Dark wood furnishings, blood red oriental carpeting and overstuffed leather armchairs, remind us of Bar Hemingway on Place Vendome in Paris, or Off the Record, a cozy upscale bar under the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington D.C.

Rowes Wharf Bar tends to be a favorite after-work hang out for the surrounding office buildings, but the bar also caters to the five star hotel guests at Boston Harbor Hotel. So you’ll find the bar usually has unique events going on (like the No 14 Bourbon Barrel Select), but also has the atmosphere for a relaxing place to wind down in the evening. Plus, we just love the staff there. The ladies & gents behind the bar really know what they’re pouring.

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Featured No 14 Cocktails at Rowes Wharf Bar

No 14 Vermont Ginger

14 Blackberry Smash

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